Monday, 28 November 2011

The car merchandising app strikes again

      Process is the key to online merchandising...Period.  The internet and all of its changes over the last five to ten years has and will continue to transform the way in which consumers and retailers communicate online with potential buyers.  This exciting transformation has resulted in a heightened awareness of fundamental strategies that will allow business transactions to occur based on the way in which your business merchandises the items you are advertising online.

Are the days of multiple competing listings sites that rely on volume of ads and web-traffic coming to an end?  Is the relevancy meter on?  What are the search engines really looking for ?

All great questions and I am sure that there are thousands of experts that have great answers to help you generate more leads and more sales with best SEO and SERP techniques.  My own opinion suggests that  no expert or consultant can really help generate more SALES, until you shore up the way in which you properly merchandise your inventory.  The car dealers are not alone...Real Estate agents, Powersports dealers, Motorcycle dealerships, RV Lots, Trailer Sales, Heavy Equipment companies and even department stores are overlooking the most fundamental core competency in the new online environment.

"Merchandising is the key.. get this right and your online advertising improves." says Dennis Galbraith, founder of .

Consumers now have side-effects from search engines.
The more they use the likes of or, the more the rely on the results. The more they rely on the results, the longer the search for answers.  The right answers get the clicks. Get the clicks..(guess what happens next) Your store gets the sale opportunity

Some thought starters:
- Research starts online 94% of the time for all purchase decisions. Why not hit the consumer during this phase of the sales funnel?

- Bounce rates from your site should be a red-flag that your content is not engaging. The higher the number the more important it is to fix this problem.  Merchandising is the key!

- Mobile phones and more so smartphones are not toys...they are tools in today's environment.  Investing in best of class smartphones instead of digital cameras, video cameras and gadgets can be offset by embracing the power of iPhones and Android Phones. Come on! If you think turning off or limiting the internet access really stops Smartphones in your store, here is a wake up call!

cDemo and the cornerstore app MOBILE Inspector is in the mix again for innovation.  Having the power in your handheld device to properly merchandise your automobile inventory is empowering. This year's 2011 Mashable Awards, Driving Sales Executive Summit, Automotive Website and other conference/awards organizations have MOBILE INSPECTOR on their radar.


Driving Sales Executive Summit - Innovation Cup

Automotive Website Awards

written by Jay Radke – cDemo Director of Business Development can be reached by email, on Twitter as @JayRadke or by phone at (780)977-5341
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