Friday, 8 August 2014

Why I deleted Facebook and Facebook Messenger from my Smartphone

The 3 Reasons why I just deleted Facebook and Facebook Messenger from my Smartphone

Two days ago I had an uneasy feeling about being forced to use Facebook messenger app instead of the native app.  My natural instinct was to investigate the "WHY?" behind this move by our beloved and blindly trusted service provider we know as FACEBOOK.

Misinformation can spread all around the world while the truth is still putting on it's shoes.

Here is what I found out and ultimately lead to why I have abandoned FACEBOOK apps on my smartphone.

(Disclaimer - I am an android user and heavily involved professionally in the MOBILE ECOSYSTEM).


1. Most people proceed with the blind ACCEPT these TERMS to download.    (THE SCARY TRUTH)

Before you accept the terms from your app store take a look at Android permissions vs. iOS permissions

First off, I personally have many of the concerns surrounding Messenger’s app permissions. ( Android version).
On Android, permissions are asked for up front when you download an app – so the user sees requests for permission to “allow the app to record audio,” for example, before they may know there is an audio recording feature.
This is quite different from iOS, which asks the user to grant permission to use features as they try to access them in the app.
Dig deeper into the permission setting and you will see this app is a snooping device.

DOWNLOADING FILES from my phone!
Not a chance!

Check out the SMS permissions too!!!

READING MY TEXT messages is not an option nor I am willing to give permission to FACEBOOK to do.

Research it yourself by clicking this link and read the permission details.

2.  Facebook Messenger has the potential to cost you more money than you know.  It will add to the data consumption, increased SMS messages costs that include photos and files in the form of video and sound files.  Your network provider will love charging you more than anticipated.  Social networking apps are data usage junkies.... they eat data!!!!!!  Your smartphone bill will be going up.

3. More distractions to manage will mean less time focusing on our families  and our "closed-off" private life.

Feel free to read some articles I have shared on Flipboard.  If you think about it, your private life should be private.  I suggest that you read and research like I do.

I will continue to use Facebook on my PC but good-bye FACEBOOK MOBILE APP and FACEBOOK MESSENGER...  You crossed the line like other snooping tools.